Our Association


The defense of the independence of Justice concerning the executive power as well as the private interests.

The democratization of Justice concerning the rules and the conditions of exercising the duties and the functions of the judiciary.

The contribution to the improvement and modernization of the administration of Justice.

The enforcement of the judiciary’s right in the freedom of expression, of congregation and of association, as well as in the freedoms which derive of their activities in their unions.

The defense of human rights, irrespective of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other beliefs or social origin, property, place of birth or any other condition, against any violation or restrictions coming from the exercise of the government’s power.

The organization of conferences, scientific meetings, lectures, seminars etc. the drafting of studies and propositions on issues related to Democracy, Justice and Freedoms and also on individual and social rights.

The promotion of the European unity and the universal judicial culture with exchange of information and studies, the collaboration with Greek and foreign unions of judges and other Greek and international organizations for the above mentioned aims.

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