Alerte Turquie suite sans fin hélas

Document signed by 500 italian academics, lawyers, judges and prosecutors; the text has been sent to the Italian Minister of Justice, and will be sent very soon to CCJE e CCPE, PE, UN, EC.

After targeting journalists, college professors and lawyers, the Turkish government proceeds with the annihilation of the Nation’s critical conscience through the humiliation and imprisonment of judges, public officials and police force. Dismissals and mass arrests are being carried out, following blatantly precompiled blacklists, in contempt of those basic rules of the rule of law and people’s fundamental rights that Turkey, as a member of the Council of Europe and signatory of the European Convention of Human Rights, as well as in accord with its own Constitution, is compelled respect.
Currently, the Turkish Government threatens the reintroduction of capital punishment, justified as “the people’s will”.
Professors, lawyers, judges and prosecutors who sign this appeal, united in their belonging to a community whose foremost values are strongly rooted in the European Convention of Human Rights, address Italian and European institutions to firmly demand that every possible political and legal instrument is put in use in order to stop these unconceivable violations and free those who are now being oppressed for their attempt at defending democratic values.
The public opinion is also asked to relentlessly focus its attention on a great nation whose secular democracy is in serious danger.

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