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EUROPE Le 23 MAI 2017 LA JUSTICE EN EUROPE QUINZE SYSTEMES JUDICIAIRES PASSES AU CRIBLE DES PRINCIPES FONDAMENTAUX Dans un monde inquiet, garantir les droits est plus que jamais nécessaire au coeur des sociétés qui perdent leurs repères1. INDEPENDANCE : Acteur clef de l’Etat de droit démocratique, elle est, selon des degrés divers, atteinte dans […]


which is composed of the four European judges associations Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ) European Association of Judges (EAJ) Judges for Judges Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL) CONSIDERING that Turkey had suffered a terrible attack against its democratic institutions on 15.7.2016 which killed almost three hundreds of its people and […]

Platform for an Independent Judiciary in Turkey

Platform for an Independent Judiciary in TurkeyThe extraordinary situation of violation of the independence of the judiciary in Turkey has induced all four European Associations of Judges to join together in their activities: • The Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ), • The European Association of Judges (EAJ), • Judges for Judges and • “Magistrats […]

Alerte Turquie suite sans fin hélas

Document signed by 500 italian academics, lawyers, judges and prosecutors; the text has been sent to the Italian Minister of Justice, and will be sent very soon to CCJE e CCPE, PE, UN, EC. After targeting journalists, college professors and lawyers, the Turkish government proceeds with the annihilation of the Nation’s critical conscience through the […]

Resolution of Hellenic Association of Judicial Officers for Democracy and Liberties, in view of the violation of human rights in Turkey and dismissal of judicial officers

The Hellenic Association of Magistrates for Democracy and Freedoms, a member of MEDEL – Magistrats Européens pour la démocratie et les libertés (European Judicial Officers for Democracy and Freedoms), – is participating in the global anxiety for the containment of the fundamental rights in Turkey, the aftermath of the failed coup. It is very worrying […]

Coup d’etat in Turkey has only just begun

In the past 21 months in Turkey, nearly 9.000 magistrates (out of around 15.000) who dared to protect basic rights and freedoms and to adjudicate in accordance to the law and their own conscience, even in the politically sensitive cases, thus including those affecting the family or the Turkish president himself, have been transferred in […]

Turkish colleagues arrested

The Bureau of MEDEL MEDEL was informed that today thousands of judges and prosecutors in Turkey were arrested and dismissed. While MEDEL has not sufficient elements to comment on the attempt of coup d’etat occurred in Turkey, it is hard to understand how and why judges and prosecutors performing daily their judicial duties can be involved in such […]